Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Forget about exill polls, the Milan Arsenal match, motricity and the iphone. What you really should care about is Obama's comeback, Gary Gygax and memek technology. Have you seen Serena Kozakura's latter Youtube video? Oh, boy, I've told you to cut down all that Ron Paul, Google Earth and bakkbone news ! Authority and Safemonger 2030? Oooops !

A Japanese pin-up model has had a legal verdict overturned after successfully arguing her breasts were too big to allow her to squeeze through a hole a man alleged she used to gain entry into his room.

Serena Kozakura was convicted last year of property destruction after a man accused her of kicking in his door and crawling inside to confront him about his activities with another woman.

Kozakura won her appeal Monday after the Tokyo High Court agreed her 44-inch bust was indeed too large for her to gain entry through the hole.

"I used to hate my body so much," she told local media, according to the report. "But it was my breasts," she said, that won in court.

India and New Delhi report